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Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Richard Young
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Richard Young
Justice... making right what is wrong
Richard Young
Race doesn't exist... Culturally, ethnically we may be different.
Richard Young
But we, as believers in Jesus, we are one in Christ.
Mary Bibbs
Fix the problem
Richard Young
COVID >> illuminated the fact that churches are in trouble. Small. Digitally challenged.
Richard Young
35 - 40% of Black owned businesses will not make it through this time... unless
Shiloh Baptist Church
Todd Mayfield
Richard Young
All the conditions for social unrest. Riots coming unless the churches (all churches) are back in the game.
Richard Young
COMMUNITY RENEWAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT PLANSUMMARYThe current cycle of social unrest presents our country with the daunting task of securing public safetywhile acknowledging and addressing the underlying grievances that have produced such explosiveprotest. The pleas to rebuild our communities must be answered with meaningful strategies that beginwith short-term, mid-term and long-term investments in Black-led community organizations and Black-owned businesses. We propose immediately investing $500M in Black Churches and Black communityorganizations and $10B in Black-owned businesses in 50 cities throughout the country with largepercentages of African Americans.
Richard Young
Always a "George Floyd" happening somewhere....
Richard Young
We have to FIX lack of access... to Capital that really makes a difference. A "Marshall Plan" for Black owned businesses and churches.
Richard Young
Background and challenge...
Richard Young
BACKGROUNDFrom the very beginning of this great nation, African Americans have not had adequate resourcesinvested in their communities, institutions and businesses. The decline of urban industrial centers andthe fragmentation of Black communities, through selective integration, have produced large-scalecommunity disenfranchisement. The rise of the Black middle class has not necessarily strengthenedBlack communities because most of their talent and creativity has been absorbed into White-ownedbusinesses. These businesses have benefited from Black talent, but they have failed to investappropriately in Black-owned businesses, Black-led economies and Black social infrastructures.Collectively, this has produced diminished social and economic opportunities for African Americans.Today, Black communities are at a breaking point. The COVID-19 pandemic has added stress to thesecommunities, levying a heavy toll as a disproportionate number of Black people fall ill, die, andexperience economic dis
Richard Young
"Culture eats strategy for lunch"
Richard Young
Center of the Black community is the Black Church...
Richard Young
Starting with 50 Target Cities and make a real difference... Doing Church AND the economic recovery and stimulus that is so needed.
Richard Young
STRATEGYTo face these challenges the Black community requires a new level of leadership capacity. This planprovides a solution through meaningful strategies for immediate stabilization, mid-term innovation andgrowth, and long-term sustainability of Black communities. It outlines a profound and unprecedentedinfusion of capital into Black institutions and businesses. It also understands the historic role of the BlackChurch and its centrality to Black community and business life. This combination of social and commercial investment will strengthen underperforming communities and build the capacity of Black Churches, Black Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and Black-owned businesses in 50 Black communities. The ultimate goal is to strengthen community security and generate new opportunities while providing the stability and hope that are needed to enable long-term growth and sustainability of local Black economies.
Richard Young
SOCIAL INVESTMENTWe begin with large-scale institutional investments in Black community organizations. This involvesproviding large, unrestricted donations and capacity building resources to Black Churches and BlackCBOs. With adequate resourcing, these organizations will be positioned to stabilize Black communities.This will provide the necessary safety nets that make it possible for long-term stability and growth.These organizations will lead the way in developing community strategies which leverage existingcommunity development plans, while working with other public and private partners to create broad-scale community goals and objectives. This work will be conducted in cross-functional communitygroups which will align the objectives of the private sector, public sector, and religious communityaround the needs of the local community.
Richard Young
Long term.... How can we really make a long term difference?
Richard Young
BUSINESS INVESTMENTWe will also make critical investments in Black businesses. The investment methodology will usebusiness ecosystem theory to develop localized, coordinated market economies in underperformingcommunities. Very large investments will be made using equity and debt financing strategies to stabilizelabor costs and bolster firm profitability. These coordinated strategies will strengthen businessperformance and provide local firms with competitive advantages while broadly improving well-beingfor community residents. Emphasis will be placed on improving community stability, public health andstrengthening critical infrastructures. These investments will enable Black owned businesses to survivethe current economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, and they will provide a platform for newbusiness and innovation to take hold in Black economies. This ongoing cycle of creativity andentrepreneurship will employ residents and create a regenerative environment for prosperity.
Richard Young
INVESTMENT ALIGNMENTThe key to this approach is the alignment of social and commercial investments. Targeted investmentsacross nonprofit and for-profit organizations will be used to shape the local economic ecosystem tocreate favorable conditions for improving product innovation, talent development and capital flow. Thisecosystem perspective will provide each community with considerable competitive advantage potential.This work will also take advantage of community anchor institutions to quickly expand vendor andsupplier efficiencies.PARTNERSHIPSA number of partners are needed to quickly launch this national initiative. The current list of partnersincludes:• Conference for National Black Churches (ICAM) – program lead for Black Church engagement• National Minority Supplier Development Council (Michigan Chapter serving as point) – program lead for Black business engagement• Movement.org – program lead for cross-cultural networking and engagement• National Christian Foundation – pr
Richard Young
IMPLEMENTATION OVERVIEWSHORT-TERM (LAUNCH IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS)● Immediately invest in Black community organizations, beginning with the Black Church.o Emphasis on organizational survival, leadership development, employee retention,service delivery and public health support.o Requires $500M initial investment in Black Churches Black CBOs.Minimum total investment over 10 years is $5B.● Create a dedicated investment fund for Black-owned businesses.o Emphasis on business survival, leadership development, employee retention,elimination of high interest debt and strengthening critical infrastructures.o Organize businesses into local alliances with shared strategic goals and objectives.o Requires $10B initial investment in Black-owned businesses.Minimum total investment over 10 years is $100B.
Richard Young
Start with the Black Church
Richard Young
Strengthen the community
Richard Young
Private capital to bear
Richard Young
Show success and scale it.
Richard Young
MID-TERM● Implement local community plans which integrate businesses development with social support.o Emphasis on implementing existing community strategies to build community stabilityand enhance public health.o Utilize large scale community based rapid design techniques.● Work with banks and investors to develop longer-term streams of capital to provide truecompetitive opportunities for businesses.o Emphasis on building capacity and stability in emerging or vulnerable businesses.
Richard Young
LONG-TERM● Develop community networks that leverage resources from larger community institutions(e.g. hospitals and universities) to support Black businesses and CBOs.o Emphasis on job training, contract creation, building a leadership pipeline for businessesand nonprofits.● Implement community engagement plan to connect community residents with the newopportunities brought about by the social and business investments.o Emphasis on transparent communication and resident empowerment.
Richard Young
So... how can we open legislative levers? New market tax credits... Prioritize business investment.
Richard Young
Richard Young
Richard Young
National Urban League
Richard Young
All participating in the Vision and formation of strategy.
Richard Young
Robert F Smith
Richard Young
VISTA to the table
Richard Young
National Christian Foundation
Richard Young
All communities benefit... rising tides do lift all boats. Getting opportunities to those in greatest need.
Richard Young
Allies coming along side the vision...
Richard Young
A quick influx of capital, properly directed and accounted for... Churches reaching out to Churches.
Richard Young
HOPE!! And without a vision the people perish.
Richard Young
Challenge... how do we align capital markets. Regional strategies that we can bring to banks and capital sources.
Richard Young
SFI program...
Richard Young
Access to HBCU's for students. A national endowment... How to stop the talent drain from the black communities.
Richard Young
How can we bring the talent back into the skill sets and communities where they can start and create the "next big thing" (Microsoft, google, etc.)
Robert Stephens
Check out the Vann Jones/Robert F. Smith interview here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=569907960349469
Richard Young
Thank you Robert!
Fred Provencher’s iPhone
thank you for letting me be part of the conversation. I look forward to hearing more about this initiative and being part of it. I need to step away now but hope to listen again
Joseph Zintseme
Akosua A. N.
Richard Young
How do we create networks and City Rollouts individually?
Todd Mayfield
What is the timeline for implementation?
Richard Young
Day that all capital markets are accessible to all folks...
Mr. Archie
Hey Steven, What your last name sir.
Brandon Praileau
Even for smaller black churches as well who aren’t in the mainstream.
Richard Young
Next Steps – Questions from MacKhary Back in 4 weeks?Pray for successes in the next week for legislative progress.Mid November Movement Day – Action Teams/Design Teams to implementBiracial communities like the 757 to press this issue forward.How do we create a feed back channel?
Dr. Rhonda Alexander
What are the short-, mid-, and long-term indicators of success of this idea/program?
Richard Young
Achieving parity... Start with infusions of capital.
Valerie Matthews- Pastor of Zion Baptist and also owner of LAUGHS
Dr. Rhonda Alexander
Dr. Rhonda Thompson Alexander ralexander@iuvoconsulting.com or rtalexander@nsu.edu
Richard Young
How can we develop and present business plans to capital. Training and mentoring support.
Brandon Praileau
Brandon Praileau - Pastor, Wesley Union A.M.E. Zion Church
Richard Young
Quote of the day... "A non-profit exercise to make people feel good" We need real business leaders with experience to make it practical.
Graham Henshaw
Speaking of capital infusion into local business...I’m working with a statewide private organization that is providing forgivable $3000 loans. If you know of a local business that could use the money during these challenging times, please direct them to https://va30dayfund.com/.
Graham Henshaw
Miller Entrepreneurship Center @ W&M. grhenshaw@wm.edu
Dr. Rhonda Alexander
I also would be interested in knowing how small, "grassroots" black churches (<200 members) will be supported in accounting for and properly using the funding that is provided. Quite a few of these community churches may not have the ability to properly account for and administer funding.
Brandon Praileau
That is a very good point Dr. Alexander
Robert Stephens
Feel free to email stpaulcdcva@gmail.com or RobertEStephens@aol.com for add'l info on the St. Paul's CDC.
Richard Young
"This is a fixable problem!"
Claire Jacobs
Thank you SO much Khary! You've given us much to think about, much to hope for, and some tangible steps to take!
Brandon Praileau
How do we identify young black leaders and pastors in churches and invest in them and their success in smaller communities?
will there be a requirement for recipients in both arenas to give back into the Black community,?
Richard Young
Theology of suffering is not being preached. We need to preach the whole gospel.
Richard Young
Concerns of the community. Have the full conversation.
Richard Young
We go fix something together.
Clif Brigham
Not trying to destroy the system but trying to correct it!
bobby bowser
This need to be discussed offline
Eric McCaskill
Shalom my Brothers and Sisters! This for Khary! As a student at Purdue in the 60s, I was also of Black Consciousness. I am founder of Purdue Black Cultural Center! Because of conversion to Yeshua (in 1980), I am now a purveyor of Virtues! My Mentors, Dr. Dan & Linda Popov presented Virtues Project to CNBC in Memphis15 years ago. They have encouraged my wife, "Rev. Duchess" and I (Master Facilitators) to resume and empower the Churches to disciple/mentor marginalized families of Color! I can be reached at 757-719-1723.
Joel Gorelick
Thank you Khary and everyone for this tremendous discussion. Let's continue to pray and then follow through with action in our areas however possible. Many blessings.
Richard Young
If your question(s) have not been asked, please put them here as we are winding up.
Richard Young
We'll make every effort to address them.
Richard Young
A safe place to stay "Dialogical"
Richard Young
Thanks Pastor Keith!!
Trenace Lewis
I hate to leave but I am late for a class that started at 8:45. Fortunately it won't end until 2:00 so I still have time. Being a part of this call and the larger plan of God is amazing. So happy to have been here with you. Thanks to Khary Bridgewater for moving with God. I look forward to the implementation of this process as directed by the Holy Spirit.
Greg Johnston
How can we access the recording of this conversation to share with others?
Robert Stephens
Thank you Khary for the comprehensive framework for a model that will truly lift up our communities. We look forward to working in partnerships and collaborative efforts to create IMPACT!
Mary Bibbs
Best Call Ever!
Willie T. Butler
The Church must realign its perspective of purpose with Father's intention, which is found in Eph. 4:11-12. His model says prepare all members to be activated within the communities they are placed to serve for the sake of His Kingdom. Hence, helping each person to be equipped to empower His kingdom in every mountain of influence, impacting every individual in every part of life. That will bring spiritual transformation.
Richard Young
AW Tozer:
Richard Young
We cannot pray in love and live in hate and still think we are worshipping God.
Akosua A. N.
I would like to know if there any Tech Center initiatives
Akosua A. N.
Akosua Acheamponmaa Nwala - aacheamponmaa@nsu.edu
Richard Young
Thanks all for coming. We'll have a survey out to you soon. And if you have other friends that should be with us... please let us know!
Akosua A. N.
Amen to that!
Richard Young
Pray daily for Khary Bridgewater.
Willie T. Butler
Thank you, Khary!
Brandon Praileau
Wonderful call
Richard Young
All all the people said AMEN!!
Willie T. Butler
Thanks, Eric, Andy and Mac!
Willie T. Butler
Thanks Richard, for such rapid transcription! Looking forward to the full transcript...